"Oh Pluto" in honor of the NASA New Horizons Flyby of Pluto on July 14th

(I sing harmony and helped Craig Werth make this video)

updated: 1 week ago

Get ready for your closeup, Pluto!  July 14th is just around the corner.

updated: 1 week ago

All My Lovin'

updated: 1 month ago

Warming up for my concert in Cincinnati . . .

and this happens . . .

updated: 1 month ago

Good Thing He/She Can't Read My Mind

updated: 1 year ago

Did you love the Drew Barrymore film "Ever After?"  It's now a musical!

updated: 1 month ago

"Knitting" by Robyn Landis -- Video by Christine Lavin

I sing harmony on this and made this video, thanks to help of knitters from all over the world.  Thanks, knitters!

updated: 4 months ago