When It All Goes Wrong/We'll Turn This Ship Around


updated: 5 months ago

"How I Learned To Play The Guitar"

A lovesong to PBS

updated: 2 months ago

Christine's new 2017 interactive concert event

concert booking:  jim@flemingartists.com

updated: 5 months ago

How to play "Don't Take Anyone"

a Dropped D guitar and lyric tutorial

updated: 9 months ago


Part of this video will be in the documentary film FORGOTTEN BAYOU, coming in December

updated: 1 year ago

How To Bake Petit Pain Au Chocolat

10-1/2 hours reduced to 18 minutes

updated: 2 months ago

Napkin Folding with Christine

Intermission fun

updated: 4 months ago

Christine Lavin with Neil deGrasse Tyson

at The Beacon Theater in NYC

updated: 5 months ago


Special cameo appearances by Debi Smith, Don White, Kim Aliperti of Billsboro Winery, sourdough bread maven Judi Space, and Karen Amarotico

updated: 1 year ago

I was in Neil deGrasse Tyson's "comedy/astronomy" show in September -- snapt 28 seconds of him from the wings

updated: 1 year ago

Christine is interviewed (with music) about "The Song Of Lucy Gayheart"

Episode 54 of "Tell Me About Your Song" with Jacob Haller

updated: 1 year ago

"Oh Pluto" in honor of the NASA New Horizons Flyby of Pluto on July 14, 2015

(I sing harmony and helped Craig Werth make this video)

updated: 11 months ago

Hillary Rollins Presents:  Christine Lavin & Friends LIVE at McCabe's Guitar Shop

One spontaneously combustible concert featuring Christine, FIVE spectacular LA singers and songwriters, and ONE phenomenon from London

updated: 1 year ago

All My Lovin'

updated: 1 year ago

Don't Take Anyone (Please Put Down The Gun)

with Phil Klum on cello, bass, harmony vocals, editing, and mastering

updated: 2 months ago

I was there for Pluto's closeup on  July 14, 2015. It was historic!

Let's hear it for Dr. Alan Stern and all of his teammates who brought Pluto into focus for the entire world!

updated: 12 months ago

"First Dance Last Dance" by Christine Lavin

a song about that guitar man in Central Park

updated: 1 year ago