1. How The Lord Helped Me Rewrite A Troublesome Line In 'Regretting What I Said'
  2. Regretting What I Said...
  3. Surprise bonus track
  4. "Auld Lang Syne"  Kate Taylor
  5. "Christmas Angel"  Sue Matsuki
  6. "Christmas In Brooklyn"  Erik Frandsen
  7. "Christmas In L.A."  David Rasche
  8. "Christmas On Mars"  Roy Zimmerman
  9. "Daughters & Sons"  Lori Lieberman
  10. "Doug's Greatest Christmas Ever"  Uncle Bonsai
  11. "From The Hills Of Bethlehem"  Debi Smith
  12. "I'm Not Going Home For Christmas"  The Accidentals
  13. "Is It Hanukah or Chanukah?"  Ruby & Ava Locknar
  14. "Jewish Kid Born On Christmas Day Talkin' Blues"  Sally Fingerett
  15. "Joy"  Janis Ian
  16. "Just One Angel"  Hilary Field
  17. "Merry Christmas Peace Peace Peace"  Julie Gold
  18. "Peace Come Christmas Day"  Erik Balkey
  19. "Ready For The Dark"  Larry Murante
  20. "The Christians And The Pagans"  Darryl Purpose
  21. "The Christmas Guitar"  Megon McDonough
  22. "This Moment"  David Ippolito
  23. "We'll All Meet Up Next Year (A New Year's Song)"  Deirdre Flint
  24. "When You're Single At Christmastime"  Christine Lavin & The Accidentals
  25. "Won't You Please Stay For Christmas, Santa Claus?"  Jeff Daniels
  26. (hidden track - studio recording) A Shark In New York Waters w/Jed Fort, Steve Doyle, and Brian Bauers
  27. (I'm A) Card-Carrying Bleeding Heart Liberal
  28. (These Eggs Were) Born To Run (Rob Carlson)
  29. *69
  30. 85 Degreed
  31. A Christmas / Kwanza / Solstice / Chanukah / Ramadan / Boxing Day Song
  32. A Firefly's Life
  33. A Folksinger Earns Every Dime (David Buskin And Co.)
  34. A late-night IM turns into...
  35. A Lesson in Every Goodbye (Megon McDonough)
  36. A Lullaby
  37. A New Year's Round
  38. A Question of Tempo (When I'm Under Pressure)
  39. A Road Worth Walking Down (Greg Greenway)
  40. A Shark In New York Waters
  41. A Time To Decide/ Endless Sky (Chuck Pyle)
  42. Act I: Patty Larkin Channels Marlene Dietrich (Patty Larkin)
  43. Act II: Patty Larkin 'Hums' La Vie En Rose (Patty Larkin)
  44. Act III: At The Mall, Starring Marlene Dietrich, Carmen Miranda And Ethel Merman (Patty Larkin)
  45. Add Me To The List
  46. Adjust Your Dreams/Shining My Flashlight
  47. Adjust Your Dreams/Shining My Flashlight On The Moon
  48. Adolescent Rant (Don White)
  49. Afro-Cuban Lullaby (Hilary Field)
  50. Ain't Love Grand
  51. Air Conditioner
  52. All I Have To Do Is Dream/A Summer Song
  53. All My Lovin'
  54. All You Want Is What You Want
  55. Allelujah/Amen
  56. Alone Again Naturally
  57. Alternate Endings To The Above Song, If The One Here Is Too Scary For Sensitive You
  58. Amanda McBroom At The Rainbow & Stars Room
  59. Amoeba Hop
  60. An Insomniac At Night With A Clicker In Her Hand
  61. And Now A Few Words From Our Sponsor, Darcy Greder
  62. Andy Breckman Tells Us How He Really Feels  (Andy Breckman)
  63. Another New York Afternoon
  64. Another Time and Place (Dave Van Ronk)
  65. Another Woman's Man
  66. April (David Mallet)
  67. Are You Happy Now (Richard Shindell)
  68. Armageddon
  69. Art Jensen, Mr. Colorado Springs, your life will never be the same
  70. Artificial Means
  71. Artificial Means (Cliff Eberhardt, Julie Gold)
  72. As Bad As It Gets
  73. As Close To Flying
  74. As We Stumble Along
  75. Ashes Of Love (Tom Prasada-Rao)
  76. Attainable Love
  77. Attainable Love (Barbara Kessler)
  78. Attractive Stupid People
  79. Aunt Patsy & Harrison Ford: The Movie
  80. Bacon (Mary Liz McNamara)
  81. Bad Girl Dreams
  82. Bald Headed Men
  83. Ballad of a Ballgame
  84. Ballad Of A Ballgame (Christine Lavin)
  85. Bernice, Carol, and tonight's crowd compete for the Science Prize
  86. Betrothal (The Accidentals)
  87. Big Times In A Small Town (James Mee)
  88. Biological Time Bomb
  89. Biological Time Bomb - Jusith Zweiman
  90. Birthday Game:  Alissa vs. Andrea
  91. Blackberry Winter (MaryJo Mundy)
  92. Blind Dating Fun
  93. Blow 'Em Away (Chuck Brodsky)
  94. Blowin' In The Wind - A Female Perspective (The Chenille Sisters)
  95. Blueberry Pancakes (Annie Bauerlein & Chip Mergott)
  96. Born A Little Late (The Baby Boomer Song) (Susan Werner)
  97. Boston Red Sox fans: the most loyal, most tenacious, yet most troubled of all baseball fans
  98. Bottle of Wine (Tom Paxton with Anne Hills and Bob Gibson)
  99. Bring Back The Bow
  100. But Still He Loved Her So
  101. Butter
  102. Butter (Megon McDonough)
  103. Camping
  104. Cary Grant, Esther Williams, Angelina Jolie & The Romance Of The Gun by Christine Lavin and Brian Bauers
  105. Catlemaine
  106. Chained To These Lovin' Arms (Patty Larkin)
  107. Chase The Buffalo (Pierce Pettis)
  108. Chicken Soup For The Soul
  109. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
  110. Choice words from Dave Palmater
  111. Christine In The Round (Sol Weber And Friends)
  112. Christine Lavin Could Do It (Intro) (Cheryl Wheeler)
  113. Christine Lavin Could Do It (Song) (Cheryl Wheeler)
  114. Christine reads an excerpt of Chapter Two from COLD PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST: A MEM-wha??
  115. Christine Reads Mailing List Cards
  116. Class Sing-A-Long
  117. Clover
  118. Cog In The Wheel (Diane Zeigler)
  119. Cold Pizza For Breakfast
  120. Cold Pizza For Breakfast Redux
  121. Coming Of The Snow (Rod MacDonald)
  122. Compass
  123. Compass (Dee Carstensen)
  124. Constant State Of Want
  125. Country Western Rap (Vance Gilbert)
  126. Cover Me (Robin Batteau)
  127. Creating Just The Right Mood For The Next Song
  128. Crowning of the Prom King & Queen
  129. Damaged Goods
  130. Dave Van Ronk Gives Himself Advice (Dave Von Ronk)
  131. Dave's Holiday
  132. Dave's True Story Asks: Thinking Of Majoring In English Literature? (Dave's True Story)
  133. David Buskin Goes Out On A Limb (David Buskin)
  134. Dear Dan
  135. Debi Smith On The Bodhran, The Hags, And Irish Pizza (Debi Smith)
  136. Deep Country (Barbara Kessler w/ Jonathan Edwards)
  137. Dick Cerri introduces the show
  138. Did You Hear John Hurt? (Tom Paxton & Dave Van Ronk)
  139. Dog Dreams (Jonatha Brooke And Co)
  140. Don't Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name
  141. Don't Get Killed (Andy Breckman)
  142. Don't make me be naughty
  143. Dona Nobis Pacem
  144. Doris & Edwin: The Movie
  145. Doris and Edmund: The Movie
  146. Doris And Edwin: The Movie (John Forster)
  147. Double Yodel (Lou & Peter Berryman)
  148. Downtown
  149. Dream/Summer Song/Gotta Twirl
  150. Dreams Of Deep Water
  151. Elves
  152. Energy Vampires
  153. Entering Marion (John Forster)
  154. Errol Flynn
  155. Every Living Thing
  156. Every Man For Himself (The Foremen)
  157. Feel Your Feelings (John Forster)
  158. Final Exam
  159. Firehouse
  160. Flashback to 1956: How do you spell "Cassiopeia"? (spoken)
  161. Flip Side Of Fame
  162. Fly On A Plane
  163. Fly On A Plane (Richard Shindell)
  164. Flying In The Face Of Mr. Blue (Kate Taylor)
  165. Follow That Road (Anne Hills)
  166. For Carolyn / Something Beautiful
  167. French Toast Bread Pudding (Christine Lavin)
  168. From A Distance
  169. From My Hands (Frank Christian)
  170. Frozen In The Snow (David Wilcox)
  171. Fudge (Robin Hopper)
  172. Fun To Be Perfect
  173. Further And Further Away (Cheryl Wheeler)
  174. Garden State Stomp (Dave Von Ronk)
  175. Gene Shay adds his voice to the low fat/no fat debate
  176. Gettin' Up Early (Tom Paxton)
  177. Gettin' Used To Leavin'
  178. Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch
  179. Getting Used To Leavin' (Christine Lavin)
  180. Giant TV Screen
  181. God Loves The Irish (Rob Carlson)
  182. Good For Nothing Saint (Mr. Christopher) (Cliff Eberhardt)
  183. Good Night New York
  184. Good Night to You All
  185. Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind
  186. Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind (Megon McDonough)
  187. Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind (Note: Brand new Dude version and Dude/Dudette Duet version here)
  188. Good Thing SHE Can't Read My Mind:  A Dude's Eye View
  189. Good Thing... He Can't Read My Mind
  190. Graceful Man
  191. Great Big Bug
  192. Green Green Rocky Road (Dave Van Ronk)
  193. Happiness Runs
  194. Happy Birthday Maureen
  195. Happy Birthday Mike, Denise, Janie & Tonya
  196. Happy Divorce Day
  197. Happydance
  198. Hard Day Yesterday (Kristina Olsen)
  199. HARDWIRED  Performed by Lavin, Ippolito and Batteau
  200. Harrison Ford
  201. Harrison Ford (Christine Lavin)
  202. Harrison... Ford
  203. Heart On The Run (Tom Intondi)
  204. Heaven (Julie Gold)
  205. Heaven Is Free Tonight (David Buskin & Co)
  206. Here Comes Caesar The Dog Whisperer
  207. Here Comes Hurricane Season
  208. Here We Go (David Mallett)
  209. Here's the recipe -- REALLY!
  210. Hi Sal, Have You Checked Your E-mail? (Grit Laskin)
  211. High Heel Shoes
  212. Highlights from "Christine Lavin   The Mistletones"
  213. Hold Me Tonight (Red Grammer)
  214. Home (Sally Fingerett w/ Cheryl Wheeler & Jonathan Edwards)
  215. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  216. Honors and Awards
  217. Hotline (David Buskin)
  218. Human (featuring Robin Batteau)
  219. I Am My Dad (Electric Bonsai Band)
  220. I Am Psychic So Are You
  221. I Blab About Celebrities I Have Spied On At My Local Health Club
  222. I Bring Out The Worst In You
  223. I Love You (Sally Fingerett/Dan Green)
  224. I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair (John Gorka)
  225. I Think About Sex (Ray Jessel)
  226. I venture into the crowd with a spelunking lamp on my head
  227. I Want To Be Lonely Again
  228. I Want To Be The First Folk Singer On The Space Shuttle
  229. I Was In Love With A Difficult Man
  230. I'm Bored (Christine Lavin)
  231. I'm Fine
  232. I'm Going Back (Cathie Ryan)
  233. I've Been Living On Milk And Cookies (Since You've Been Gone)
  234. If I Could Be Sonja Henie
  235. If I Ruled The World
  236. If I Should Call You
  237. If Love Is A Dream (Megon McDonough)
  238. If We Had No Moon
  239. If You Want Space, Go To Utah
  240. If... We Had No Moon
  241. In Our Hands (Kenny White)
  242. Intermission
  243. Interview with David Weinstein, January 22, 1984
  244. Introduction to "Blackberry Winter" (MaryJo Mundy)
  245. Introduction To The One-Song Musical (Honey, We Have To Talk)
  246. Is It Wrong To Feel So Good (At This Time In My Life) (Cliff Eberhardt)
  247. Island Of Time (Patty Larkin)
  248. Isn't there some way we could all graduate tonight?
  249. Isn't This Just Like Empty-Vee?
  250. It's dangerous to confide in a songwriter
  251. Jack And Wanda
  252. Jagged Hearts
  253. Jane
  254. Jane (Vance Gilbert)
  255. John's Cocoons (Michael McNevin)
  256. Junk Food
  257. Katy Says Today Is The Best Day Of My Whole Entire Life
  258. Kind Of Love You Never Recover From
  259. King Of Seventh Avenue (Ellis Paul)
  260. Ladies Lunch
  261. Lamb and Lion
  262. Lancelot's Tune (Guinevere) (Buskin & Batteau)
  263. Last Night (Lynn Miles)
  264. Laugh Track WFUV Laughers (Debbie Kiba/John Kiba/Doris Ruth Oppenheimer/Becka Ribaudo/Joe Ribaudo/Carol-Lynn Wolfe)
  265. Let Me Fall In Love Before The Spring Comes (Hugh Blumenfeld & Lucy Kaplansky)
  266. Let Me Fall In Love Before The Spring Comes (Hugh Blumenfeld)
  267. Let The Rain Come Down (Lori Lieberman)
  268. Lie Easy (Gail Rundlett)
  269. Life Is Hard (Cliff Eberhardt & The Bad Boy Club)
  270. Little Piece At A Time (David Wilcox)
  271. Locked Away (Raymond Gonzalez & Amy Malkoff)
  272. Looked Good On Paper
  273. Lounging In The Belly Of The Beast (Electric Bonsai Band)
  274. Love Is Our Cross To Bear (John Gorka)
  275. Love Travels (Ceili Rain)
  276. Magnolia Street (Buddy Mondlock w/ Jonathan Edwards)
  277. Making Friends With My Grey Hair
  278. Maple Syrup Time (Pete Seeger)
  279. Martha Stewart... Victoria's Secret... Bob Dylan... Pachelbel?
  280. Massachusetts (Greg Greenway)
  281. Meg Channels Patty
  282. Megon Draws Next Suggestion
  283. Megon McDonough, one of our great singers, inspires an idea
  284. Megon on codependency
  285. Mencken's Pen
  286. Menemsha (Hilary Field)
  287. Microwave Life
  288. Microwave Life (Megon McDonough)
  289. Mistresses' Lament (I'm Mad)
  290. Mocha Java (Alan Miceli)
  291. Moken Spoken Here
  292. Moon-Rising Tide/We Are The Lucky Ones
  293. More Than 1,000,000 Americans
  294. More Than 1,000,000 Americans -- live at The Ark June 20, 2009
  295. More Than One Million Americans
  296. Moving Target
  297. Music To Operate By
  298. Muzak
  299. My Mother's Hands
  300. Mysterious Woman
  301. National Apology Day
  302. Never Go Back
  303. Nobody's Fat In Aspen
  304. Nod Over Coffee (Pierce Pettis And Co)
  305. Not Bad For A Broad
  306. Not Me Not Me Not Me
  307. Odds Are
  308. Oh Great Spirit
  309. Oh No
  310. On A Winter's Night (Willie Niniger)
  311. On A Winter's Night (Willie Nininger)
  312. One Day Closer (Jonathan Edwards)
  313. One Meat Ball (Dave Van Ronk)
  314. One Of The Boys
  315. Orange Cocoa Cake (Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer)
  316. Out Of My Mind (John Gorka)
  317. Painless Love
  318. Phil Shapiro introduces Bound For Glory
  319. Pie (Debi Smith with Doc Watson)
  320. Piranha Women Of The Avocado Jungle Of Death
  321. Planet X
  322. Planet X (featuring Sal Ruibal)
  323. Planet? Planot? Goofy? (spoken)
  324. Plateau
  325. Please Don't Make Me Too Happy
  326. Polkadot Pancakes
  327. Pop Quiz #1
  328. Pop Quiz #2
  329. Potato (Cheryl Wheeler)
  330. Prince Charles
  331. Prisoners Of Their Hairdos
  332. Prisoners Of Their Hairdos (Instrumental) (Patty Larkin)
  333. Prom Dress (Deborah Pardes)
  334. Psychic
  335. Quarter Moon (Cheryl Wheeler)
  336. Ramblin' Boy (Tom Paxton & Tsubasa)
  337. Ramblin' Waltz
  338. Rascal (Don White)
  339. Real Men Do (Robin Batteau/James Naughton/David Buskin)
  340. Realities
  341. Regretting What I Said (A Musical Apology) (Debi Smith)
  342. Regretting What I Said...
  343. Remember When We Were Just Friends (Annie Bauerlein & Chip Mergott)
  344. Reminiscing With The Gentle Lonely Elusive Boxer Of Love
  345. Replaced
  346. Replaced (Susan Werner)
  347. Rising In Love (David Roth)
  348. Rituals
  349. River Skeeters (Gideon Freudmann)
  350. Rob Carlson Demonstrates The Art Of The International Insult (Rob Carlson)
  351. Robert And Annie In Larchmont, New York
  352. Rockaway
  353. Rocky Mountain . . . Hi!
  354. Root Beer for Breakfast (Vance Gilbert)
  355. Roses From The Wrong Man
  356. Roses From The Wrong Man (Andrew Ratshin)
  357. Rushcutter's Bay
  358. Russian Michael
  359. Rust (Lynn Miles)
  360. Sally Draws Next Suggestion
  361. Sally Explains Game Show
  362. Santa Monica Pier
  363. Santa Monica Pier (Buddy Mondlock)
  364. Save Me A Seat (Homeward Bound)
  365. Scalloped Potatoes
  366. Scatter New Seeds
  367. Sealed With A Kiss
  368. Secret Bonus Track: Laugh Track WFUV laughers (Steve Sherman/B.J. Kowalski And A Mystery Woman)
  369. Secret Bonus Track: The Jackie O Auction (Tom Paxton)
  370. Secret Gardens (Judy Collins)
  371. Sensitive New Age Guys
  372. Sensitive New Age Guys (David Buskin/George Wurzbach/Brook Hedick)
  373. Shadow
  374. Sharkman on Malta
  375. She Moved Through The Fair
  376. She Won't Be Walkin'
  377. She's That Kind Of Mystery (Bill Morrissey)
  378. Shining My Flashlight On The Moon
  379. Shivering/ Tight Jeans Round/ Nursery Rhyme Round/ Round And Round Round (The Impromptu A Cappella Choir)
  380. Shopping Cart Of Love: The Play
  381. Single Voice
  382. Slap Bang (Betty)
  383. Sleep (Debi Smith)
  384. Smokers
  385. Snackin'
  386. Snow! Medley
  387. Somebody's Baby
  388. Something In Red
  389. Something Is Wrong With This Picture
  390. Sometimes (featuring Anil Melwani)
  391. Sometimes Mother Reallly Does Know Best
  392. Southbound Train (Julie Gold)
  393. Space Between Rings
  394. Stars
  395. Stars (Anne Hills/Priscilla Herdman/Cindy Mangsen/Steve Gillette)
  396. Stars (Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen)
  397. Steve... you are so busted! (spoken)
  398. Strangers Talk To Me
  399. Strangers Talk to Me in Colorado Springs on a Thursday Night
  400. Summer Of Love (Peter Nelson)
  401. Summer Weddings
  402. Sunday Breakfast With Christine
  403. Sunday Breakfast With Christine (and Ervin)
  404. Surprise
  405. Sweet Irene The Disco Queen
  406. Sweet Summer Dreams (Megon McDonough)
  407. Tacobel Canon
  408. Tacobel Canon (live)
  409. Take Me Out To Eat
  410. Taylor the Latte Boy (Marcy Heisler & Zina Goldrich)
  411. Ten Complaints (Dee Carstensen)
  412. Ten O'clock In Toronto
  413. Ten Pound Bass (Sally Fingerett with Jonathan Edwards)
  414. Th 12 Dys f Chrstms
  415. That Elusive Blue (featuring Robin Batteau)
  416. The Air Conditioner Song
  417. The All Purpose Carol
  418. The Amoeba Hop (Dave Van Ronk, Frank Christian)
  419. The Audience Votes
  420. The Bag Ladies' Ball
  421. The Bends
  422. The Bitter End
  423. The Bitter End (Pete Nelson)
  424. The Chenille Sisters Give Us Their Bob Dylan Update (The Chenille Sisters)
  425. The Choice
  426. The Dakota
  427. The Dakota (Sara Hickman)
  428. The Danger
  429. The Date (Making Mountains Out Of Molehills) (Barbara Kessler)
  430. The Day After On A Plane To California
  431. The Great Storm Is Over (Bob Franke)
  432. The Heartbreak Diet (Julie Gold)
  433. The History of "One Meat Ball" (Dave Van Ronk)
  434. The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From
  435. The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From (Christine Lavin)
  436. The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From (David Wilcox)
  437. The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From (Hugh Blumenfeld)
  438. The Legal Ramifications of a Crackerjack Vendor Who Works in Yankee Stadium
  440. The Long Road (Cliff Eberhardt w/ Richie Havens)
  441. The Marijo Tonight (Jackie Tice)
  442. The Moment Slipped Away
  443. The Moment Slipped Away (Jane Kelly Williams)
  444. The Most Polite City In The World
  445. The Peter Principle At Work
  446. The Piper
  447. The Polka Dancing Bus Driver And The 40-Year-Old Mystery
  448. The Polka-Dancing Bus Driver And The 40-Year-Old Mystery
  449. The Return (Sally Fingerett)
  450. The Runaway Christmas Tree
  451. The Scent Of Your Cologne
  452. The Secret Fear Of Songwriters
  453. The Secrets At This Wedding
  454. The Sixth Floor
  455. The Sixth Floor /Moon-Rising Tide /We Are The Lucky Ones
  456. The Speculator (Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer)
  457. The Star Spangled Banner (David Roth)
  458. The Storm (Cheryl Wheeler)
  459. The Tacobel Canon
  460. The Vacation Of Their Lives
  461. The Voice On The Relaxation Tape
  462. The Voice... On The Relaxation Tape
  463. The Wild Blue
  464. The World Is Coming To An End (Andy Breckman)
  466. These Are The Times (Red Grammer)
  467. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
  468. They Look Alike, They Walk Alike...
  469. This Is Your Final Exam
  470. Three Months To Live
  471. Three Storied Life
  472. Tidal Wave
  473. Tom Paxton Explains The 80's (Tom Paxton)
  474. Tomato Puddin' (Jeff Daniels)
  475. Too Old For The National Spellng Bee
  476. Trade Up
  477. Trollope (Dave's True Story)
  478. Try Love
  479. TV Talk
  480. TV Talk (Sally Fingerett)
  481. Twilight (Ron Renninger)
  482. Two Americans In Paris
  483. Until Now
  484. Vance Rants (Vance Gilbert)
  485. Venus Kissed The Moon
  486. Victim - Volunteer
  487. Victim/Volunteer (Kristina Olsen)
  488. Video of "Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind"
  489. Visiting Dallas
  490. Waiting For The 'B' Train
  491. Waiting For The B Train
  492. Wake Up And Dream
  493. Walk On Water (Diane Zeigler)
  494. Waltzing With Him
  495. We Are The True Americans
  496. Wearing The Time (Susan Graham White)
  497. Welcome to New York, Don White (Don White)
  498. Welcome to New York, Greg Greenway (Greg Greenway)
  499. Welcome to the last class of your high school career
  500. What Is Bothering Cliff Eberhardt Now? (Cliff Eberhardt)
  501. What kind of ridiculous glamour trajectory am I on? (spoken)
  502. What Monica L. and Cameron D. have in common
  503. What Was I Thinking (1993-2007)?
  504. What Was I Thinking In 1999?
  505. What Was I Thinking?
  506. What Was I Thinking? The Dance Mix (Bonus Track)
  507. When Cary Grant Made Movies
  508. When Fall Comes To New England (Cheryl Wheeler)
  509. When I Need You Most Of All (David Buskin)
  510. When October Goes (Megon McDonough)
  511. Where Were You Last Night (Frank Christian)
  512. Whipped Cream
  513. Who are the brainiacs in the house tonight? (spoken)
  514. Who was in the movie with the world's worst title?
  515. Why?
  516. Wild Berries (Sally Fingerett)
  517. Will You Come Home (Susie Burke)
  518. Wind Chimes
  519. Winter In Manhattan
  520. Winter In Manhattan (sung by The Accidentals)
  521. Winter Wind (Patty Larkin)
  522. Wintertide (Al Petteway)
  523. Words That Bring The Tear (David Buskin/Robin Batteau)
  524. Worst birthdays
  525. Yonder Blue
  526. You Look Pretty Good for Your Age
  527. You should have seen the frightened looks on your faces (spoken)
  528. You Think You've Got Problems
  529. You Think You've Got Problems (David Roth)
  530. Your Face (Cliff Eberhardt)
  531. Yuppies In The Sky (Tom Paxton & Company)