play When Cary Grant Made Movies

When Cary Grant made movies
Men wanted to be like him
When Esther Williams made movies
We all lined up to learn how to swim
When Michael Jackson made videos
He revolutionized dance
When M.C. Hammer made videos
We thought we looked good in those stupid pants

When Julia Child was on TV
We all learned how to cook
When “I Love Lucy” was a hit
So was the red head look
Yet when Angelina Jolie makes a movie
and her co-star is a gun
We’re supposed to believe violent images
Don’t influence anyone

Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?

There’s 315,000,000 Americans
4,000,000 in the NRA
that’s 1.26% of us
who bully to get their way
they want everybody packin’ pistols
in churches, bars, and schools
but if all of us carry weapons
all of us are fools

98.74% of us
are not in the NRA
311,000,000 of us
want to live to see another day
but in the last 24 hours
82 more Americans were killed with a gun*
In homicides how to we compare to the world?
We’re Number One
We’re Number One
We’re Number One  
We’re Number One
*in all categories, not just murder


Christine Lavin:  vocal and guitar

© 2013 Christine Lavin

updated: 6 years ago