Highlights of the new album SPAGHETTIFICATION

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updated: 3 weeks ago

"College Fight Song For Sesquipedalians"

(everybody sing along!)

updated: 3 weeks ago

"When It All Goes Wrong We'll Turn This Ship Around"

updated: 2 weeks ago


(from the album SPAGHETTIFICATION)

updated: 3 weeks ago

How To Bake Petit Pain Au Chocolat

10-1/2 hours reduced to 18 minutes

updated: 2 weeks ago

Christine's new interactive concert event

concert booking:  jim@flemingartists.com

updated: 3 weeks ago

Hillary Rollins Presents:  Christine Lavin & Friends LIVE at McCabe's Guitar Shop

One spontaneously combustible concert featuring Christine, FIVE spectacular LA singers and songwriters, and ONE phenomenon from London

updated: 1 year ago

All My Lovin'

updated: 2 years ago

Napkin Folding with Christine

Intermission fun

updated: 3 weeks ago