Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best

cover of Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best

released 2004   Appleseed Records



  1. What kind of ridiculous glamour trajectory am I on? (spoken)
  2. What Was I Thinking?
  3. Martha Stewart... Victoria's Secret... Bob Dylan... Pachelbel?
  4. The Tacobel Canon
  5. Steve... you are so busted! (spoken)
  6. A Question of Tempo (When I'm Under Pressure)
  7. Planet X
  8. Planet? Planot? Goofy? (spoken)
  9. Who are the brainiacs in the house tonight? (spoken)
  10. Bernice, Carol, and tonight's crowd compete for the Science Prize
  11. You Look Pretty Good for Your Age
  12. Art Jensen, Mr. Colorado Springs, your life will never be the same
  13. Flashback to 1956: How do you spell "Cassiopeia"? (spoken)
  14. Boston Red Sox fans: the most loyal, most tenacious, yet most troubled of all baseball fans
  15. Ballad of a Ballgame
  16. The Legal Ramifications of a Crackerjack Vendor Who Works in Yankee Stadium
  17. Sometimes Mother Reallly Does Know Best
  18. Strangers Talk to Me in Colorado Springs on a Thursday Night
  19. Rocky Mountain . . . Hi!
  20. Wind Chimes
  21. You should have seen the frightened looks on your faces (spoken)

Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best is the award-winning Ms. Lavin's album recorded live at the Colorado Springs Center For the Arts. Includes the rare one-time only recording of "The Legal Ramifications Of A Crackerjack Vendor Who Works at Yankee Stadium" that contains an ending involving time-travel.  After hearing the recording, Christine knew that NO ONE would ever believe that ending, so she took it out of the song.  But it's here in all its bizarre glory.  

One of her most distinctive CD packages, there is a tiny secret message printed in itsy bitsy type on the simple shiny disk:  

Christine says that in an emergency
this disk can be used as a
makeup mirror

And it really can!!  Don't leave home without this disk in your purse.  it's like a Swiss Army Knife for girly girls.

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