Happydance Of The Xenophobe

Here Comes Hurricane Season
Russian Michael
Reminiscing With The Gentle Lonely Elusive Boxer Of Love

Happydance, n. [hap-ee dahns] "An impulsive, spontaneous jig of joy."

Xenophobe, n. [zen-uh-fohb, or zee-nuh-fohb] "A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, exotic, or out of the ordinary."

Happydance Of The Xenophobe is Christine's funny, topical, political, 13-song collection that will thrill the National Weather Service ("Here Comes Hurricane Season"), delight Julia Child devotees ("Whipped Cream"), enrapture caffeine addicts ("Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans"), but also irk Priscilla Presley, the NRA, cigarette smokers, Faux News, and best of all, Dick Cheney.  [Didn't you crack up seeing him in a wheelchair at the Inauguration?  A friend of mine said, "Two legs couldn't support all that evil."  Ha!]  The album ends with an unexpected medley of five of her favorite folk tunes from the '60s and '70s set to a dance beat. Plus there's a hidden surprise bonus track, a musical tribute to the ineptitude of the Bush Administration.

Album produced by Brian Bauers

updated: 10 years ago